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Folks, it hasn’t quite been a year, and it isn’t exactly international pickle day, but we honestly could not fuckin’ WAIT to bring back our annual Rise n’ Brine Pickle Fest. 

This year it’s bigger and better, taking place over the LONG WEEKEND – that’s right – a THREE day Pickle Fest over Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th and Monday 5th of October. It’s kind of a big dill.

Now, let’s dip our brushes in some pickle brine and paint you a piccy of what the days will look like:

  • Beers and pickles. The match that’s fer-meant to be. We’ve got specialty brewed beers with pickle influence from our local brewery mates at Batch Brewing, Yulli’s Brews and our very own brewing label, Oxford Brewing Racket.
  • Pickleback slushies with help from the legends at Jameson Whiskey and McClures Pickles + super exciting cocktail specials that will pickle you pink.
  • We heard on the grape vine(gar) that you love a feed. Our full-pickle-inspired food menu from exec chef Adam Cremona will keep your mouth ajar in anticipation (think jumbo pickle poppers, pickle pops, reuben spring rolls, cuban sambos, and more). Last year we grossly underestimated the demand for food, but believe us when we say, we are more than prepared this time around.
  • McClure’s Pickle eating competition (obviously).
  • Quit jerking your gherkin and toss your pickles instead; compete in the legendary pickle toss to win some stellar prizes from our customised pickle wheel of fortune.
  • + plenty more exciting shit to make your sour days sweet as.

In our effort to keep all you pickle lovers as COVID safe as a socially distant pickle jar, this year tickets are essential, and at $10 a pop will score you a reserved area for your session, PLUS a beer or pickleback slushie on arrival! BOOK NOW FOR A BLOODY GOOD TIME!

Sessions are twice a day across all 3 days as follows:

Session dates: October 3, 4 and 5

Session times: 12:00-2:00PM / 2:30PM-4:30PM

All 3 bars will be open to ensure there is enough space for queuing.

book now!