Show us ya tips

Show us ya tips

Upcoming Saturday dates: 2 July, 30 July, 27 August, 24 September, 29 October, 26, November. 

A night of body and sex-positivity, dance, strut, tease and exhibitionism FT. The Dollar Bin Darlings. Routines by professionals and amateurs, performing for tips.

Bringing the queer, sex worker and local communities together. Paying homage to The Oxford Tavern’s fabulous history of dancers and titties.

No phones, no inhibitions.
All love. No shame.
Clothing Optional.

9pm-midnight: performances // DJs until 3am.

Raising money for SWOP (sex workers outreach project)

Send us a DM on social or email us if you’d like to prepare a routine and join in on the flaunting.

test link:,oxfordtavern,thedukeofenmore,theoldfitzroyhotel